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Living Horse Legend Celebrates His 57th Birthday In Style!

Meet Chiefl! A 57-year-old horse who has done so much during his life. He has experienced the Civil War, then group penning, reining, acrobatics…he has seen a lot, don’t you think?!

This enrolled Quarter horse has been born on January 19, 1960 and this year he has celebrated his 57th birthday. It’s quite amazing to celebrate a birthday like that and because of that Chief did it with style. He is an incredible horse who has done so much in his life and for your information, no one has ever fallen off his back!

According to his owner, Diedre WIlkin, Chief is the most amazing, calm and friendly stallion. He’s been well-known for his acrobatic performances and that makes him a living legend. His trapeze artistry will always be remembered as an extraordinary show. He had to keep himself between a tenderfoot rider and the ground. Isn’t that spectacular?!

Chief is really one of a kind and deserved to have a special birthday with a crown and everything. We hope he’ll be part of the horse world for many more years and we wish him the best for his birthday! Share this interesting story with your closest friends.

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